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Celebrating National Voter Registration Day With a Week of Action

Weeklong Registration Drive at the top of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger Apps to Help People Register for This Year’s US Election

Launching New Consumer Marketing Campaign “More Questions, More Answers.”

Facebook Watch Hosting a Virtual Vote-a-Thon

Tomorrow is National Voter Registration Day, a time to celebrate our democracy and help people register to vote. But this year the COVID-19 pandemic has made it more important than ever for people to have accurate information about when and how to register and vote. That’s why Facebook has embarked on the largest voting information campaign in American history, with the goal of helping register 4 million eligible voters in the US this year. We estimate we’ve helped 2.5 million people register so far this year across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, based on conversion rates we calculated from a few states we’ve partnered with. It’s a promising start, but we have more work to do.

With six weeks until Election Day and registration deadlines fast approaching in many states, this week we’re putting the full force of our platform behind this campaign to empower every eligible voter to make their voice heard in this election.

Using Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger to Help People Register

Since last Saturday, we’ve been showing people in the US information about how to register at the top of the Facebook, Instagram and Messenger apps. These notifications take them to the relevant page with their state’s official website or one of our non-partisan partner organizations if online voter registration isn’t available in their state. We’ll keep showing these notifications through September 25, building on previous top-of-feed registration drives we ran this summer.

We’re continuing to use all our apps on this effort — from launching the #PledgeToVoteChallenge on Facebook where people can show they’re planning to vote and tag their friends to nominate them to join the Challenge, to rolling out sticker packs so people can share in their Messenger chats or use in their Facebook and Instagram Stories to show how they’re participating and encourage their friends and family to do the same.

On Instagram, those who use the new National Voter Registration Day stickers — launching tomorrow and created by artists from our community — will be added to a special Register To Vote story. Over the past few weeks, we’ve also been working with amazing Instagram artists to develop stickers about voting from requesting a mail ballot to letting your community know that you registered. To discover more fun stickers related to elections, simply visit the sticker tray in your stories.

Launching a Consumer Awareness Campaign to Help Get Out The Vote

Today, Facebook is kicking off a national campaign, “More Questions, More Answers.” It will encourage people to visit and use our Voting Information Centers to help ensure their vote is counted in this election. Facebook app and Instagram will also run campaigns on our platform to encourage people to visit the Voting Information Center.

This is the first time we will run a campaign for our company and our apps together. The campaign launches today and will run across national broadcast, cable, radio and digital homepage takeovers within lifestyle and news outlets.

Virtual Vote-a-Thon

On Tuesday morning, Facebook Watch will kick off the one-hour special, Vote-A-Thon 2020 streamed on the Facebook App page. Hosted by Liza Koshy, the special reimagines the classic telethon with a “daisy chain” of calls between some of America’s most notable celebrities and public figures, all with the goal of helping people register and vote. Vote-A-Thon 2020 will also spotlight human interest stories from communities across the country, featuring the unsung heroes of the election process.

Helping People Register Through the Voting Information Center

So far 39 million people have visited the Voting Information Center on Facebook and Instagram to get information about how to register and how to vote from their state’s official website or one of our non-partisan partner sites. Now that registration deadlines are approaching, we’re including these deadlines so people have enough time to complete their registration applications.

Next week, we’re launching the early voting feature with more information about early voting polling locations, dates, and hours. People can also learn about vote-by-mail options in their state, request a mail or absentee ballot if that’s available for them, and learn about upcoming deadlines so they have enough time to plan ahead. The Voting Information Center on Facebook is now available in Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese and Mandarin to help US citizens register and vote in their native language.

Getting Voter Registration Information via WhatsApp

We’ve also worked to make helpful services available via messaging. WhatsApp has worked to bring the International Fact-Checking Network onto WhatsApp so people can get accurate information about voting issues in English and Spanish. In addition, Vote.org is now available on WhatsApp to provide people with information on how to register or request a mail ballot, and get help if they encounter a problem at the polls.













周二上午,Facebook Watch将在Facebook应用程序页面上启动一小时特别节目,即2020年的投票。由莉莎·科西主持,这场特别节目重新设想了经典的电视节目,其中包括美国一些最著名的名人和公众人物之间的“菊花链”,所有这些都是为了帮助人们登记和投票。2020年的“马拉松投票”还将聚焦全国各地社区的人类利益故事,以选举过程中无名英雄为主角。





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